Chop Chop Boom es una de las canciones de Empire Classic Radio que solo se puede escuchar en Mafia II.

Letra de la CanciónEditar

Chop chop boom
Chop chop boom
Well now my baby’s always singin' that chop chop boom
Good lord I can’t stand it, gonna leave here soon
The confounded noise, I can’t take it no more
Gonna get my hat lord and hit the door
Chop chop boom
Chop chop boom
I had a talk with my baby just to try and find out
Just what that choppin' noise was all about
My baby couldn’t tell me but this she said
You know it always reminds me of a busted head
Chop chop boom
Chop chop boom
Well when we go walkin' like two folks should
Just about the time that I’m feelin good
She meets a friend she calls a Bessie Mae
They’ll get together and you’ll hear them say
Musical interlude
Chop chop boom
I didn’t know someone was takin' my place
But that was until she met a cat named Ace
Still I didn’t know she was doin' me wrong
'Til they started hummin' that song
Chop chop boom
Chop chop boom
Well my baby’s gone and left me and I think I know why
I’ll bet that cat Ace done told her a lie
Now they’re goin on hummin' that tune
And I’m left sad with that chop chop boom
Chop chop boom
Chop chop boom
Chop chop boom
Chop Chop

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